Thirty minutes of the BEST TikToks of 2019!

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These are the best TikTok videos of 2019, These are funny videos that were released in this decade. Is TikTok Vine 2 I think so! I do these videos, not for personal gain but because I personally love TikTok and like to share my favorite TiKToks with the rest of the world. I spend upwards of 10 hours putting together any TikTok compilation. I could use any video that comes up on my for you page on the app TikTok; however I compile the best videos that I see on the app so everyone that watches my videos doesnt have to spend the time I do to watch the best videos the site has to offer.

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Outro Graphic Done by ItzNHL, Twitter: ItzNHL

outro Song: Paul Gannon – Victory

These are TikTok memes, Cringy TikToks, or just funny TikTok videos.

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