Tik Toks I promise Will CURE Your BOREDOM 😂🤣

Listen to Tears of Gold by Faouzia https://youtu.be/XszK-TDzMnQ

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I enjoy making new funny Tik Tok compilations and I upload daily so sub for more! I hand pick the funniest Tik Toks in 2020 that are like vines so you can try not to laugh at my compilations. I try to make clean TikTok compilations but I always end up with the Best Funny Tik Toks. Shoutout to monstro, CooL Vines, Wifi Plug, CooL TikTok, verified tiktok channel and all the other Funny TikTok compilation channels making new videos daily for us to enjoy. Comment oof if you see this

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