Ornano .. Qatar papa movie chance .. Whores don't talk anymore .. Video like not exposing

 Tiktok Shalini Bujji: The Tik Tak app has turned many people into celebrities without it. Tik Tak Durga Rao has already received film opportunities and is also busy with comedy shows.

Qatar Papa  alias Shalini is one of the most popular with the Tic Tac Toe app . But the rest of the Tic Tac Toe stars are counting. This Qatar papa is another. Some people have used her innocence to viralize some videos related to her on social media.

Shalini, who is not aware of social media, was deliberately provoked live .. by whores talking to her .. the videos went viral. After that, as her followers gradually increased in Tik Tak, she also intentionally made videos and got excited with tattoos. Some videos related to this are also appearing on porn sites.

However, Shalini, who innocently says that some people did this on purpose, said that she is no longer a whore and will not be exposing videos. Not only that .. she shared on social media that she got a chance to film.

My name is Shalini Buzzie .. No Andhra papa .. No Qatar papa .. No skin papa .. I got a chance in the movie Pettesha also signed the agreement .. Also gave two item songs. He said that I would get a good name because of that movie.

From today I will not curse anybody .. I will not do exposing videos .. I will take care of my work. The movie I am doing is said to be released in January. From now on I will look new .. I will get a good name .. I will show something. I don't care if anyone curses me or looks at me. "I am very happy," said Katar Papa Shalini in a dialogue in her upcoming film. 'Look at my height and come forward .. if you bite me', he stops in the middle of the dialogue .. says not to watch the rest of the movie. What movie yet? It did not say with whom or when. Is it true what she said? Or it will soon be clear that this is also her promotional tricks.

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