devmanus new episode I dev manus 4 May 2021 dev manus marathi serial today episode zee5 devmanus

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devmanus new episode I dev manus 4 May 2021 dev manus marathi serial today episode zee5 devmanus I devmanus today episode :
Today in this video we are going to see the updates of dev manus marathi serial – 2 तासाचा महाएपिसोड full of 4 May 2021 of zee marathi. Watch tomorrow’s Premiere Scenes of zee marathi serials today. So grab you seat and enjoy ➡ Marathi Serial Kida

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⭕ About Serial : Devmanus is an Indian Marathi language crime thriller tv series. Devmanus is evidently inspired by genuine story. Dr. Santosh Pol was depicted as a specialist passing a infamous specialist who murdered 100-150 individuals in 13 a long time of his practice within the town of Satara. The show is produced by Shweta Shinde beneath the banner of Vajra Productions.


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