Exceptionally old video viral, star actor in trouble .. demand to be arrested! | Randeep Hooda lands in trouble for insensitive joke on Mayawati



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Even the mistakes that were once made in the face of the ever-increasing proliferation of technology are again being brought to the brink of collapse. Bollywood star’s comments about a national leader are now drowning. Actor Randeep Hooda, who has impressed with various roles in Bollywood, has also impressed by playing the role of a villain in the recently released Salman Khan movie ‘Radhe’. In the past, he has made a name for himself with films like Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Saheb BV Aur Gangster and Highway. But accidentally this actor is now embroiled in a big controversy.

There is also a big movement on social media to arrest him. The reason for that is that he blasted an offensive joke on Mayawati as part of a comedy talk show in the past. Randeep made a vulgar joke as it was a comedy show. However this is not even a new video.

Randeep Hooda lands in trouble for insensitive joke on Mayawati

So I do not know who remembered but the video was taken out and now posting the trend on Twitter. The rest of them went viral. The hashtag #ArrestRandeepHooda is also trending as the video has become a trend on Twitter. Netizens are cracking down on Randeep on a large scale, saying that such a joke about Dalit leader Mayawati is blasphemous .. it is an insult to Dalits .. it is an insult to women. However, some are questioning why the video was captured and now Randeep is being criticized and asked to arrest him. Why is this affair going on? Must see.

English summary

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda was landed in controversy over his remarks against former UP CM Mayawati. The actor, who had taken part in an event in the past, made insulting remarks against the Bahujan Samaj Party chief.

Story first published: Friday, May 28, 2021, 18:19 [IST]

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