Based on Sushant's life story

Based on Sushant’s life story

Some are making films based on the life of his son Sushant Singh, some directly and some indirectly. Krishna Kishore Singh is of the opinion that if any film is to be made, it must be made with the approval and permission of the family members. Movies should not be made in such a way as to tarnish the image of one’s son or family. He suggested that we act without infringing on our rights.

Saying for self-interests ..

Saying for self-interests ..

Sushant’s sister Meetu Singh responded on Twitter .. Unfortunately .. it came to our notice that some people are using Sushant for self-interest. This is an unforgivable act. Whoever is doing such things tweeted that they all want to stay away from such things

Sushant's father petitions in Delhi court

Sushant’s father petitions in Delhi court

Krishna Kishore Singh recently filed a petition in a Delhi court complaining about the films Justice: The Justice and Shashank, which are believed to be based on certain events in the life of Sushant Singh Rajput in similar circumstances. His petition suggested a stay on the release of the film. With that, there was some controversy over the two films.

Rejection of Justice Sanjeev Narula

Rejection by Justice Sanjeev Narula

Justice Sanjeev Narula heard the petition filed by Sushant Singh’s father Krishna Kishore Singh. However, he was charged with making films taking advantage of his son’s death. KK Singh, however, rejected the petition saying that stay could not be imposed on the two films.

That is why we are rejecting your petition ...

That is why we are rejecting your petition …

Delhi court rejects KK Singh’s petition So we are rejecting your petition, ”said Judge Sanjeev Narula.

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