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Do you want to manifest a text message from a friend, special someone, Ex-partner, boss, family member or potential business opportunity? It’s is unquestionably possible to manifest a text message in less than 5 minutes, but you first need to follow the process. The person you desire is only a message away!

These tips and techniques have enabled me to manifest a text message very fast and it’s surprising how easy it is once you set your mind onto the power of manifesting. These tips are my honest, tried and tested method of manifesting a text message from a friend who I hadn’t spoken with for many years. The purpose was to reconnect without the awkwardness of me contacting them because of the years of no contact. The results were amazing and it reconnected a friendship.

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0:00 The Reason Why You Want a Text Message
0:38 My Success Story and Results
1:31 Understand Your Vibrational Frequency
2:18 Step 1 – Photos of the Person
2:46 Step 2 – Write a Response Text Message
3:15 Step 3 – Use Visualisation
4:30 How Will it Work?

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